Dwight Miller Residential Design does not just design "pretty pictures." All the character in the world means nothing if your project can't be built. Due to our field experience and expertise in residential design, we approach each project with a clear vision of what will be required to bring it to completion. We provide unsurpassed accuracy and high quality standards that we hold key to our business practice.

The client plays a very important role in the design of each project. Take comfort in knowing that we do not have a "be all to end all designer" approach. Listening to the client is paramount to a design that meets and exceeds your expectations. If it is important to you, it is important to us and will be made part of your plans. The building industry is a fast changing environment. New products and choices are being introduced continually. At Dwight Miller Residential Design we are constantly researching these products, so we can offer you options and solutions not previously available.




Pursuing perfection in both business and life; striving higher
each time for no errors, no mistakes, and no regrets.


To not only completely fulfill our obligation to each client, but to exceed expectations
with honest and noble intention; to mean what we say and do what we promise.


The drive, determination, and passion in doing what
we love and doing it to the very best we can.


Fresh, new, and creative approaches in how to operate and design for the future;
knowing when to rethink, what to change, and how to do both efficiently.


To give of our best to every client in an attitude of joy and humility,
realizing that talent, creativity, and success are gifts to be shared.

The Aim

To provide service to each client with care, creativity, and completion; to deal with
people honorably and professionally; to treat our builders fairly and loyally;

and to provide a service worthy of compensation while incorporating innovation

and excellence in business as well as in life.



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